SJS Headquarters  (757) 502-4103

SJS Headquarters
(757) 502-4103

SJS has several different service areas, so the individual core competencies and services listed on these pages do not constitute an exhaustive list of everything our company does. If you or your agency require a specific professional, industrial, or technical service not listed here, SJS might still perform the work. Reach out to our Chief Operating Officer (COO) if you need SJS support for projects ranging from 120 days to 5 years in duration.

Administrative and Clerical Support

Whether a military-federal agency needs a routine data entry clerk or a more advanced, executive-level administrator, SJS employees are available across the entire spectrum of administrative and clerical support to assist.

Construction Management

SJS construction managers, planners and schedulers support VA and Navy organizations, especially during times of construction surge when extra manpower is required.

Emergency Services

When disaster strikes and emergency labor is needed in 30 days or less, SJS has personnel available nationwide to answer the call.


SJS’s engineers come from multiple disciplines including mechanical, electrical, civil and geotechnical engineering, among others.

Human Resources Consulting

SJS’s Human Resources (HR) professionals provide HR-related training and consulting to agencies like the Department of the Treasury.

Industrial Hygiene (IH) and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

SJS’s Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), Lead/Mold/Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Specialists, Certified Asbestos Consultants (CACs) and related IH and Occupational Safety and Health professionals support Army and VA agencies from coast to coast with training and education, environmental assessments, policy development and guidance, sampling and inspections, oversight of abatement professionals and much more.

Marine Cargo Handling/Forklift Operation/Logistics

SJS’s logistics employees are trained and certified to safely and conscientiously perform Marine Cargo Handling and forklift operation in Controlled Industrial Areas (CIAs) like shipyards. These marine cargo handlers operate forklifts up to 18 tons in size, so they are specially trained to safely and securely move sensitive cargo like weapon system components.

Powder Coating, Media Blasting and Ceramic Coating

Please visit to our SJS Industrial website for information about the powder coating, nondestructive media blasting and ceramic coating services we provide (including ceramic coating for firearms.)

Program Management

SJS’s Program Management professionals, Operations Research Analysts and Program Analysts help military-federal agencies with managing projects, programs and portfolios.


SJS provides state-licensed unarmed security personnel, but also holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to provide security-related training, education and services.

Skilled Trades and Industrial Tradecrafts

SJS’s professional skilled trades employees are properly licensed and certified in a wide variety of specialties such as, but not limited to, boiler operation, plumbing and pipefitting, motor vehicle operation and dispatch, carpentry and drywall, masonry, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), High Voltage Electricians (HVEs) and standard electricians, etc.