Virginia Beach Employment Opportunities with SJS Executives, LLC

Virginia Beach Employment Opportunities with SJS Executives, LLC

Over the next few weeks, the SJS Executives blog will explore the best technical jobs and industrial employment opportunities currently available in the Hampton Roads area, examining these opportunities city-by-city so you can see who is hiring and the wide variety of positions available in this region.

Our company is headquartered in Virginia Beach, which offers job hunters an array of contract job opportunities in support of federal government and military organizations. Sometimes these jobs entail working directly on a military base like Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story; other times, they involve working at the facility of a large government contractor.

These contract jobs often last one year or more, and if the government determines an individual’s performance is excellent, an employee can end up supporting the same government or defense agency for a decade or more.

So, in other words, when job hunting in Virginia Beach, do not fear any job listings that say they are “full-time contract” positions—these jobs often have just as much longevity and job security as non-contract positions, especially when you work hard and prove your skills and dedication.

One job category that is in major demand in Virginia Beach right now is HVAC--heating, ventilation and air conditioning technicians.

If you are an HVAC tech with five or more years of commercial experience and a diligent work ethic, you are extremely employable in Virginia Beach right now. Contact SJS Executives today if you are interested in an HVAC job in this popular coastal city—your chances of scoring an excellent job here are strong.

Another much needed job category in Virginia Beach is Journeyman-Level Heavy Duty Mechanics—technicians who specialize in maintaining and repairing military and construction equipment, as well as fleet vehicles like buses and high-occupancy transport vans. These job slots are great for retiring veterans who worked with heavy equipment while in the service and want to utilize these same skills in the commercial work world.

Any post about working in Virginia Beach must extol the virtues of the quality of life in this major city. Virginia Beach schools are some of the best in the entire country, the beach and boardwalk offer you endless leisure time pursuits, the neighborhoods are beautiful and the region is rich with shopping, recreation and amenities. Consider relocating to Virginia Beach to take advantage of these local features, in addition to the lucrative job options that are available here.

If you are interested in a Virginia Beach HVAC or Heavy Duty Mechanic job, please don’t hesitate to contact SJS Executives today to see if we can match you up with a local employer.

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