Automated Online Recruitment Tool Versus a Staffing and Recruiting Agency

Automated Online Recruitment Tool Versus a Staffing and Recruiting Agency

Should a Hiring Manager Use an Automated Online Recruitment Tool or a Staffing and Recruiting Agency like SJS Executives to Source New Personnel?

A major online recruiting platform, the name of which begins with the letter “Z,” has recently been advertising itself as a one-stop staffing and recruiting solution for every business in America—but does this system really deliver on its hefty promises?

As a hiring manager, are you better off using this behemoth Internet-based system, which automatically posts your job openings to hundreds of job boards at once, or a small, locally-based staffing and recruiting firm like SJS Executives, which can give you lots of individualized attention?

The quick answer is: it depends on what type of job category you are trying to fill.

If your company is hiring general office personnel like administrative aides and data entry clerks, then the huge online solution that starts with Z is a great option for you. You will save time by automatically hunting for candidates across a wide variety of channels and geographic locations, allowing you to quickly source new employees.

But on the other hand, if your company requires unique industrial personnel with unusual advanced credentials, such as those typically found within the scientific, technical, engineering and military industries, then you are better off utilizing the services of a company like SJS Executives to provide you with attentive and personalized service.

Advantages of a working with a staffing company like SJS Executives instead of a generic online recruiting service include:

  • The ability to quickly locate qualified personnel within your specific region or locality, so you don’t have to pay for employee relocation costs
  • Face-to-face interaction and a dedicated account executive to ensure your needs are met, so your account receives the attention it deserves and you fill your open job slots fast
  • The ability to find uniquely-credentialed industrial, military and technical personnel who possess rare knowledge, skills and abilities (in other words, the types of people who are not using online job boards to find their next jobs!)

If you operate a logistics or warehouse facility, manufacturing plant or factory, machine shop or industrial site, shipbuilding or weapons system development facility in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or Hampton Roads region of Virginia, you will have a higher success rate sourcing your new technical personnel with SJS Executives, rather than tinkering with online staffing platforms that can only offer you generic support.

Remember also: to bump up your job listings into prominent spots on the recruitment websites (like the one starting with Z), you have to pay an extra fee to ensure your listings actually get noticed in a sea of similar listings! This means higher-paying users will grab the best candidates first, and you will be left to select from the remaining pool of prospective employees.

In contrast, when you work with SJS Executives, your account is attended to daily by a dedicated recruitment professional who actually cares about your organization’s performance and is motivated to find you the best personnel available on the market. Your SJS Executives account executive will give you detailed attention and unwavering support, both now and over the long term.

If you are a hiring manager in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, Smithfield or other areas in or near Hampton Roads, VA, and you need to acquire new technical professionals now, bypass all of the online recruiting systems and proceed immediately to SJS Executives. We guarantee you will be delighted with our personalized staff augmentation, recruiting and professional candidate search services.

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